Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Welcome to On The Beach

On The Beach is a SWAP funded project which explores ways for teachers and learners to use 'avatar' populated 3D environments, such as Second Life, to enhance learning experiences.

This blog accompanies the handbook which introduces and develops the use of this new media technology platform. Hard copies of the handbook can be obtained by contacting Maureen Kendal or Alan Hudson.

This Second Life handbook introduces learners to the Second Life virtual world and then explores new methods of writing, note-taking, investigation and essay production within Second Life, incorporating the use of digital media within this virtual platform.

Lessons 1 to 3 introduce students to using SL.

Lessons 4 to 8 are a series of exercises to be used in class.

Lessons 9 to 12 cover changing your avatar's appearance and ultimately staging a fashion show within SL.

The folder handbook contains photo-copyable handouts for use by students. This web site contains more technical information, guidance for teachers and updates and changes.


Maureen Kendal
Principal Lecturer
Faculty of Computing
London Metropolitan University

Alan Hudson
3D Developer & Multimedia Consultant