Tutor's Notes 4 to 8

Lesson 4
This lesson is deliberately brief and does not explain how the students should solve the cubes. You can obtain the cubes from Pell Juran's marketplace and, if you wish, tailor these to your own questions. To do this open the scripts in the cube and, even if you are not a programmer, you should be able to change the text appropriately. To put them in-world, drag them from your inventory onto the ground where you want your students to find them.

For this lesson you will need to have building rights on the land you are to use. You can either use land you own or rent or use a public sandbox. There are many sandboxes in SL. Use the search facility in the SL viewer to find one you like.

When you have the cubes positioned as you like, bring your students in. They should be able to work out that to be given the clue they must click on the red part of the cube, and they can give the answer by clicking on the white tiles of the cube. Some use the English alphabet while others use musical notes, Morse code, Roman numerals etc.

Lesson 5
The Metpads and tour guides are available from Pell Juran's Marketplace. If you have your own land you can set up a simple table with the Metpads and tour guides. Alternatively you can give them to your students individually. The tour guides are merely Notecards with landmarks to interesting places in SL. You can easilly make your own tour guides.

Lesson 6

Lesson 7
The translators are available free from  Pell Juran's Marketplace. These link with a standard Google translator. Since making these the standard SL viewer contains its own translator for chat. You have the choice of using our own translator or checking the translator box on your chat window.

Getting the translator and using it – alternatively use the Google translator in the viewer.

Lesson 8
You may wish to suggest your own list of places to visit for your students.