In World Objects

For some of the lessons your students will need various objects. These can all be obtained free of charge from the SL Marketplace . The Marketplace is an online web site for buying SL objects. Any registered user of SL can have their own space on the marketplace and sell or give away their work. Many items in the marketplace are free.

N.B. Laws of copyright and IPR apply here just as anywhere else. Please do not attempt to sell things which you do not own the right to do so.
The objects for On The Beach can be found at Pell Juran's marketplace and all can be bought for zero Linden dollars (L$). Go to the marketplace using your web browser and login using your avatar name and password. Also log in your avatar to SL using the SL viewer. When you purchase an item on the marketplace it will appear in your avatar's inventory a few minutes later. Your students can obtain the On the Beach items from the marketplace or you can give copies from your avatar to theirs within SL.

What is a Linden dollar (L$)?
Linden dollars are the currency used within SL. SL contains its own accounting system so if you wish to sells things or exchange money with others you do not need to build a shopping cart system or do any programming. Each avatar account has a Linden Dollar balance and details of your transactions are recorded and can be seen by logging into the SL web site.

On the Beach items:
  • Metpad - for recording chat
  • Tour Guide - a list of useful landmarks
  • Translator - uses Google translator for typed language translation
  • Security Tag - to keep track of your students
  • Clothes - for changing your avatar's appearance
  • Crossword Cubes - quiz cubes for problem solving